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Wages & Livability

Livability and affordability – key considerations for businesses and talent that wish to relocate – are hallmarks of the Greater Portland area. The area's abundant natural beauty, mild climate, easy access to Portland International Airport, expansive public transportation system, wide variety of housing options and more make Greater Portland a superb place to work and live.

Salaries Go Far Here

While average salaries in the Greater Portland region can be lower than those of other West Coast metros, Portland's cost of living and social amenities are equal to or better. Continued growth in the region’s talented workforce suggests that skilled workers understand that their wages will go further here. Employers benefit when talent is affordable and all benefit when employees can afford to live where there is work.  


Abundant Transit Options

Greater Portland’s compact urban footprint offers proximity to downtown, convenient access to Portland International Airport (PDX) and other amenities, and also makes it possible for residents to easily commute with low-cost (transit) or no-cost (bike) impacts. The region's intentional urban form allows employers to provide alternative commute options – in high demand by Millennials – that ultimately save both company and employee time and money. This fall, the Tilikum Crossing will open for Greater Portland commuters. Also known as the Bridge of the People, this one-of-a-kind bridge crosses the Willamette River and is restricted to bus, light rail, bike and pedestrian commuters only. 

Salary Comparison Table Salary Comparison Table

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