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See photos and video from the 2017 Annual Economic Summit

September 29,2017 | By Adam Newman
Greater Portland Inc would like to thank everyone who joined us yesterday at the Portland Art Museum for the 2017 Annual Economic Summit. We were proud to highlight exciting innovations from around our region in virtual reality, medicine, workforce development, manufacturing, housing, and more. 

We were pleased to bring you broad expertise in our guest speakers. Thank you to:

See the videos

Our media partners at Spirit Media made a viewing page where you can watch and share the videos from the Greater Portland Inc Economic Summit.  Please enjoy them and share with friends and colleagues to help advance our message of smart economic growth and innovation. 

See the photos

  2017 Annual Economic Summit

Thank you to our event sponsors

2017 Uniting Regionally Award

Also, congratulations to the Metropolitan Mayors' Consortium on receiving the 2017 Uniting Regionally Award for your collaboration and collective leadership in advancing the regional economy.

Thank you for your feedback

Your reactions to the event

  • “Well done! Very proud of my GPI Partners.”
  • “Time to change the world!”
  • “The opening video was creative and cool”
  • “All three (keynote, panel, innovation spotlights) were worthwhile and interesting.”
  • “This was a great event! Thank you!”

Your takeaways

On our event survey we asked What does business need in order to be most successful in today's economy? Your responses included:
  • "Workforce development, positive message, greater investment in GPI."
  • "Collaborative regional marketing and workforce development. Employee recruitment to the whole region." 
  • "Great visionary leadership, embracing diversity, competitive and innovative products and services, and a strong workforce."
  • "Work together to decide what we are good at and work collaboratively to make it the best. Educate and train future workforce - This will take industry, government and higher education working together to accomplish."

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