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Oros, headquartered in Portland, heats up with space-age technology

November 18,2019 | By Anna Marum
The Portland Business Journal ran a feature on Oros Apparel, a company GPI recruited from Cincinnati. The apparel firm chose to relocate to Greater Portland for its huge pool of athletic apparel talent (bolstered by local Nike and Adidas headquarters), as well as the region's outdoor-oriented lifestyle.

Here is an excerpt from the PBJ story:

Oros, which relocated to Portland from Cincinnati in June, has quickly become one of the most promising companies in Portland’s robust ecosystem of apparel startups. It has raised $10 million in venture capital, leased nearly an entire floor of a building near the east end of the Hawthorne Bridge, landed a grant from the U.S. Department of Defense and started hiring from the area’s deep industry talent pool, including employees who previously worked at Adidas and Columbia Sportswear. 

(Co-founder and CEO Michael) Markesbery said Oros eventually wants to use science to turn the outerwear business on its head. The company has even set the audacious goal of making a long-sleeve shirt by 2021 that can keep a person warm in subfreezing temperatures. 

“If you want to buy into the way outerwear has been made for the last couple hundred years, that’s fine,” he said. “But if you want to be part of the future, you buy into Oros.”
Read the full story here.

Learn more about the possibilities of Greater Portland for athletic and outdoor firms here, or contact our business development team directly.

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