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GPI brought 3 HQs to Greater Portland in 2019

December 18,2019 | By Anna Marum
Dec. 18, 2019
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Anna Marum
Greater Portland Inc

GPI brought 3 HQs to Greater Portland in 2019
Highly educated talent pool continues to draw global firms to the region.
PORTLAND, Ore. – This year, Greater Portland Inc (GPI) helped recruit 10 companies to the region, three of which are establishing headquarters here. The 10 companies are anticipated to generate 440 jobs in Greater Portland and add nearly $30 million in income to the regional economy.

“Again and again, companies choose Greater Portland over other markets,” said Matt Miller, interim president and CEO of Greater Portland Inc. “They choose our region because we have a highly educated talent pool, great quality of life, excellent global connectivity and a competitive business climate.”

Headquarters GPI assisted in bringing to Greater Portland in 2019: These new offices have the potential to grow into something transformative, and all 10 companies GPI helped recruit this year are bringing quality jobs to Greater Portland.
2019 was a strong year for the region in terms of attracting firms in the athletic and outdoor sector.

OROS Apparel moved its headquarters from Cincinnati for better growth opportunities.

“Portland is the technical apparel hub of the world,” said Rithvik Venna, OROS’s co-founder and chief operations officer. “So we knew that if we wanted to scale the business at the rate we were scaling it, we needed to be close to the talent that would allow us to do that.”

Black Yak, which purchased Portland clothing company Nau in 2013, already had a local connection when its owners decided to site their North American headquarters here. The South Korean company is one of several foreign recruitments this year.

GPI has a detailed strategy to attract foreign direct investment, and was recently featured by the Brookings Institution for its success in building up a pipeline of foreign companies interested in investing in Greater Portland. Attracting foreign companies is important because they tend to pay higher wages and invest more in research and development.

GPI’s business recruitment process – for both domestic and foreign markets – is built on a three-pronged, proactive strategy that employs deep company and industry research: The team travels on sales missions, conducts call campaigns and relies on partner referrals. GPI partners are key to recruiting businesses to the region, and played a part in adding the 440 jobs this year.

“These added jobs and opportunities are here because GPI is a successful partnership between the public and private sectors,” said Michael Hurley, GPI board chair and JPMorgan Chase Oregon and Southwest Washington region manager. “Our investment in GPI is an incredible value: This year, for every dollar invested in GPI, $23 is returned to the region in the form of employee income at these new jobs.”

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About Greater Portland Inc: Greater Portland Inc provides support and services to companies seeking to relocate or expand in Greater Portland, a region that spans two states and seven counties. A true public-private partnership model, Greater Portland Inc is supported by 90 public- and private-sector partners who are committed to advancing regional economic development through job growth and investment. Greater Portland Inc and partners shape the region’s economic future and market the region to the world. Learn more at greaterportlandinc.com.


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