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Oct. 3-6 - Nashville Best Practices Trip

When: October 03,2021 through October 06,2021 ,
Where: Nashville, TN
For more than thirty years, Greater Portland's civic leaders have been traveling together to other cities and regions seeking tools to improve outcomes in our place. The past year has been challenging for Oregonians as we came together to face the intersecting crises of the COVID pandemic, the racial justice reckoning of the Black Lives Matter movement, and the climate crisis, including wildfires in our state. For Nashville, these crises were compounded by natural disasters and even a Christmas morning bombing that shook their downtown.

Over the decades, we’ve worked to ensure our trips are more intentional, effective, and inclusive. Now, as our region finds itself in transition --at a crossroads, some would say-- it's more important than ever that we invest as a learning community in increasing our capacity for addressing the various challenges we face, including population growth and housing affordability, congestion and transit investments, and deepening social and economic inequality. Let’s journey together to Nashville, Tennessee for a three-day deep-dive into policies & best practices exploring what's working and what's not there and discovering which tools they can share to help Portland grow smarter.

Learn more about the trip here.

Want to reserve a spot or sponsor this trip? Spaces are limited, so don’t wait. Please contact Deborah Johnson or Randy Miller.

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