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High Impact Technology Ends 2015 without a Bang!

March 10,2016 | By Lloyd Purdy, Economic Development Manager, City of Tigard
A Tigard firm with expertise in military and protective infrastructure ends the year with international contracts in four more countries. High Impact Technology, LLC has now licensed BattleJacket® technology to Poland, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Canada so that local firms in those countries can create a unique product that protects soldiers and first responders.


Recently completed product qualification tests by the Polish military included a public review of its performance in front of 100 people, with live bullets and a two week review period. Link to BattleJacket® video. 

Beginning November 15th the Oregon firm delivered its first “technology transfer package” to a manufacturing facility in Gloucester, England. This included exporting training, equipment and material that results in a protective lining that assists in keeping fuel tanks from exploding when shot by bullets. High Impact Technology, LLC delivered an Engineering Manager, Program Manager and a Lead Technician to provide technical skills and training to a local workforce. This technical team joined specialized equipment and the “secret sauces” of proprietary components that combined to create the BattleJacket® product. Watche the BattleJacket® video here.

“We have to bring the technology to the client,” said Russ Monk, co-founder of HIT “Countries are not in the business of shipping thousands of military vehicles across the ocean for an upgrade.”
High Impact Technology’s BattleJacket® creates a self-sealing/self-healing membrane layer that keeps a tanker from spilling gas and potentially exploding. Photos above from HIT. High Impact Technology, LLC now has military and private sector clients in nine countries licensed to apply their system for human, vehicle and infrastructure protection. This creates a “win-win business model in nine countries” according to Monk. The long-term revenue stream for this Tigard firm is the sales of a proprietary mix of compounds and technical competency shipped to each client. The United States Army used 10,000 drums of product over 10 years. The firm’s BattleJacket® technology is also a base technology that transitions into other protection systems. 

High Impact Technology has transitioned success with military applications and problem solving into a critical-infrastructure protection product line with international appeal.  Their second product, successfully installed for a mid-west utility to “harden critical electrical infrastructure” received a Popular Mechanics Magazine2015 Breakthrough Technologies” award. The November issue focused on 20 “truly innovative technologies” including High Impact Technology’s blast proof concrete and coating system. This includes using a new generation of concrete and chemistry to prevent damage from blasts, bullets, wind and fire.

For more details contact Russ Monk, co-founder of High Impact Technology at 503.939.2162.

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