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City of Tigard Secures $1.7M for New Infrastructure in Hunziker Core

February 06,2017 | By Lloyd Purdy, Economic Development Manager, City of Tigard
The City of Tigard secured funding to build a new street, connecting Hunziker Street to 72nd Avenue via Tech Center Drive, based upon $1.7 million in new funding.  Last week, the regional Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation (JPACT) coordinated through METRO approved $1.7M in funding for the second phase of the City of Tigard’s Hunziker Infrastructure Project.
“Tigard is investing in infrastructure that supports development and ultimately job growth,” said Tigard Mayor John Cook. “This funding proves the regional significance of these investments and Tigard’s businesses.”
Combined, phase one and phase two of the Hunziker Infrastructure Project are expected to cost more than $8 million. The project unlocks the development potential of at least 40 acres and will complete a road connection for freight and commercial vehicles to route around the overloaded Hunziker/72nd Avenue and Hwy-217 intersections just south of the Tigard Triangle.
“Building new road connections in industrial areas of Tigard improves the economy and furthers the city’s vision to become more connected, healthy and walkable,” said Kenny Asher, Director of Community Development at the City of Tigard.
The first phase of the project is funded in part through State of Oregon via Lottery Bonds, US Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration funding, developer’s contributions and the City of Tigard. The addition of $1.7 million in funding for the final phase of the project comes from a regional flexible funds (RFFA) allocation for freight projects. Region-wide only $7.3M was available for projects like this from this funding source.
The first phase of the project is expected to begin construction in December 2017. The second phase of construction could begin the following year.
Project details can be found at:  http://www.tigard-or.gov/business/hunziker_core_infrastructure_project.php

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