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An argument that global metrics are being held to an artificially high standard; Part 3 of Performance Metrics Blog

September 21,2016 | By Brad McDearman, Brookings Institution
In this blog, Brookings Institution argue that performance metrics are not only difficult for exports and FDI, but also for economic development overall…and that in many ways, outdated economic development practices and performance metrics are holding potentially important new initiatives hostage.  
There has been a lot of discussion as a group (whole GCI Exchange and cohorts) and with each metro areas individually on this topic and collectively continue to struggle with this issue.  This three part series provides some perspective gained through the GCI and other work in an effort to try and explain why Brookings believes performance metrics for global initiatives (and overall economic development) are so difficult.
Here are links to each of the blogs in the series in order:
Blog 1:  Why it is difficult to measure metro FDI and exports
Blog 2:  Examples of how some metros are getting around this
Blog 3:  An argument that global metrics are being held to an artificially high standard

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