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Who is eligible to be an Ambassador?

GPI investors at the Silver Level and above are invited to participate in the Ambassador Program. The program is open to employees within a GPI partner company or organization. CEOs and senior leaders are encouraged to designate emerging leaders within their entities to participate. Multiple representatives from the same company may participate in the same events if there is space available.

How does it work?

GPI investors are invited to attend a series of Ambassador events and activities scheduled throughout the year. Registration for events are on a first-come, first-served basis. Notice of Ambassador events are provided through the GPI newsletter, on the GPI website, and via email alerts. Number of participants at events may be capped due to space limitations.

What does it take to become a “Certified” Ambassador?

Participants who attend a minimum of four (4) “certified” designated events will become Certified Ambassadors at the end of the year and recognized at a special reception.
Our Certified Ambassadors help shape the program and are invited to participate in special GPI events and speaking engagments, provide written perspectives and serve as our go-to advocates on regional economic development opportunities.

What will I get out of being an Ambassador?

Ambassadors have access to unique experiences such as asset tours, business development forums, welcome receptions and more; opportunities to network with influencers; and they gain insight into critical issues our region faces. Being an Ambassador allows you to be in the know and speak knowledgeably on a range of topics.

What are the upcoming events?* 

You can see the 2022 schedule of events here. Stay tuned -- we will add more events throughout the year.

Does it cost anything to join the Ambassador Program?

There is no fee to participate in the program. If certain events and activities have an associated charge, it will be noted when the invitiation is sent.
*Events are subject to change, based on availability.
If you have questions or need more information about the Ambassador Program, please contact Anna Marum, Marketing & Communications Manager, at anna.marum@greaterportlandinc.com.

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