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Global Cities Initiative

The Global Cities Initiative (GCI) is a five-year project of the Brookings Institution and JPMorgan Chase aimed at helping the leaders of metropolitan America strengthen their regional economies by becoming more competitive in the global marketplace. The project seeks to catalyze a shift in economic policy and practice to position metro areas for high-quality growth and better jobs for more workers.

The Global Cities Initiative has three pillars:
  1. Research
  2. Forums
  3. The Exchange
The Exchange is a four-year learning and action network that enables leaders to act on the ideas and collaborations generated by GCI’s research and forums. At the core of the Exchange will be the efforts of 28 U.S. metropolitan areas, including Greater Portland, to create integrated export and foreign direct investment (FDI) strategies in global trade and investment plans. Click here for more information.

Metro Export Initiative Pilot 

In 2011, Greater Portland’s aspirations for effective economic development on a global stage found a home in the Global Cities Initiative when the region applied for and was chosen as one of four metros for the Metro Export Initiative pilot. Greater Portland Inc. received additional resources from key partners to create a new position to oversee coordination and implementation of the Export Initiative beginning in 2012. 

Brookings FDI Pilot

Greater Portland seized the opportunity again to apply for a Brookings FDI pilot in early 2014. The regional economic development community recognized the pilot as a natural progression for Greater Portland’s development of a globalized metro and a transformative regional economic development and business culture. Greater Portland was one of six metros selected for the FDI pilot. Guided by new partnerships and a fortuitous alignment of federal, state and local efforts, Greater Portland’s global strategy expanded to include a deliberate plan to attract more FDI.

Greater Portland Global

On March 17, 2015, the region launched Greater Portland Global, a global trade and investment plan that integrates exports and foreign direct investment in one strategic plan. This plan replaces the Greater Portland Export Initiative and escalates global engagement to realize a stronger regional economy.

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